Social Anxiety Disorder ( Adhd ) Essay

1584 Words Nov 8th, 2016 7 Pages
During a person’s life it is normal to be nervous and scared when faced with new and scary situation. There are some that have this feeling and face these trial every single day. These citizens could be living with a disorder that can hinder not only their social lives, but life in their career field and hinder how they live their lives. Social Anxiety Disorder as classified by the DSM-V is when the patient has a fear that is considered to be out of proportion to normality for any duration of time, but usually lasting somewhere along the lines of six months or longer. Originally the diagnosis was only considered to be found in children, but in recent studies have shown to be present in adolescents, young adults, and fully grown adults. To be diagnosed with Social anxiety Disorder the patient will have to show changes in their daily routine pattern that is being caused by their fear. These social changes can be evaluated in their social, personal, or work life depending on how the evaluator sees fit. The Clinicians who diagnose Social Anxiety Disorder have to look at other factors the patient might be dealing with like other medical disorders or diseases, the person’s appearance, and if the disorder is more generalized as regular anxiety or if the diagnosis is more aimed for social situations (“DSM-V Social anxiety Disorder”). There are many ways to help those who are affected to deal with their disorder through different therapy techniques and how different…

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