Social And Socio Psychological Factors That Affect The Health Disparity Between Men And Women

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The term gender refers to social or cultural distinctions associated with being male or female. Men and women have many differences when it comes to their health. Biological and socio-psychological factors are two causes for this disparity between men and women. Over the past several decades, men and women have changed the way they live. Their life’s are not as predictable as they once were, men were considered the bread winner and women were considered the care taker. These days the roles of men and women can be reversed. The change in roles could be a factor that is also, influencing the health disparity between men and women. World War II, started the migration of women into the work force, and since then women have not gone back to prewar roles, as main caretakers or homemakers. According to researchers, about three-quarters of all working age women, in the United States are now working outside the home. However, research showed that even though women were increasing their work hours and responsibilities outside the home, men were still not contributing in household responsibilities. This change in work roles, has increased divorce rates and single parent household, headed by the female while, also affecting the health of women. Research has shown, that the employment of outside the home has, increase the overall psychological and well-being of women. Especially, if they are able to demonstrate some sort of control over what they do at work. On the other hand, various…

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