Essay on Social And Social Capital Formation

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In social and unsocial capital, the individual who claims to be looking for relief in one context may become a subversive element in another. As much as the cleric that supports brotherhood and peace in one context may become a forum for armed militancy in another. Or, the unions that claim to be promoting coordination and cooperation between employers, employees, and the state in a job market context may wage bitter confrontation in another context (Song, 2013; Ellingsen et al., 2013; Shrestha, 2013; Wittek et al., 2013; Flores et al., 2013). It is hardly surprising, therefore, that analysts studying social capital in different contexts have identified different network forms to be associated with social capital formation. What must be recognized, however, is that the form or forms privileged by each analyst are specific to a particular cultural domain and may have little or no value outside that domain. Decisively, horizontal or vertical network may matter for social capital in one community but not so much in another (Castells, M. (2011; Laursen et al., 2012; Henry, Prałat, & Zhang, 2011).
Definitely, personal virtue shortcomings seems to contribute to social impoverishment, by introducing and reinforcing restrictive horizontal networks in social poverty’s ethical context and social structures in its doctrinal or phenomenological context (Bebbington et al., 2010; Cecchini, 2014). In the United States, social poverty results from social capital scarcity (O’Connor,…

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