Social And Emotional Problems Of A Child 's Life Essay

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In reference to the problems caused by a mother or father not being part of a child’s life, there exist a number of negative factors that contribute to raising a child. These factors include economic instability as well as the availability of parental resources. Stressful events, social and emotional problems can also take place in single parent homes. In order for a child to have the best childhood, he or she must have a mother and father to look up to. Not having a mother or father figure in a child’s life is a problem that can be solved by making different laws and programs.
First of all, most children living with single parents are subjected to have a disadvantage to society. When only one parent is present, the best clothes, shoes, cell phones and other consumer good are not provided for their child. In today’s society, children gain popularity among their peers by apparel. A good childhood is eliminated from a child’s life when children are not accepted by his or her peers. This type of childhood is stressful for a child to experience. Children exhibit fewer behavioral problems and perform better at school when there are two-parents present. In a two-parent home, a child is better provided with his or her needs and wants. When one parent is lacking, the other parent assist by actually getting the job done. This enables the parents to focus primarily on providing for their child versus a single parent home where one is forced to deal with issues alone. One not having…

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