Social And Cultural Ties With China Essay

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Social and Cultural Ties with China There was a point where China and the United States of America had no interaction. As time went on, societies began to realize that having contact and communication with other countries would benefit them as well. China and the U.S.have now been trading since the 1830 's. Trade and politics allow for interaction between two countries but social and cultural ties are what complete the exchange. People have an urge for knowledge which can 't always be achieved in our nation. Traveling to other countries leads to new knowledge and a more accurate understanding of their culture. This is exactly what was going through the minds of 41 U.S.students in 1957, when they decided to visit PRC (People 's Republic of China) without the U.S.government 's permission. The students were participating in the 6th World Festival of youth and students which was being held in China. They were out of the country from August to October touring major cities like Beijing. Once the students returned, the U.S.government seized their passports as a consequence for leaving without permission. Anyone now, would think that this incident was exaggerated, that is because we now have to ability to interact and travel to other nations for any personal reason. Several years later, in 1979 through the People-to-People International organization traveling for educational reasons had finally become accessible to students. Stephen D. Allee was among the…

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