Essay about Social And Cultural Impacts Of Racism

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. Their results concluded that by speaking on the topic in class, they were able to raise awareness about the topic (Marraccini 893). The authors talk about how white people are not faced with the same struggles as African Americans and thus they are oblivious to its effects (Marraccini 894). The goal of the study was to help educate people about the presence and impact of white privilege in society. However, the reactions from white students were seemingly negative. The author describes the students as even being “hostile” towards them, and questioning the legitimacy (Marraccini 895). The authors describe its necessity to teach students about white privilege, because it helps to increase their “sociocultural awareness” (Marraccini 909). However, if it is taught in a college classroom, it must be done in a way in which white people do not feel attacked, to obtain the best results (Marraccini 909). There are also negative social and cultural impacts of racism in America today. Stemming from the idea of attacking white people, comes the concept of “All Lives Matter” and “Black Lives Matter.” Especially in the past few years, this is a constant messaged people use. After many seemingly unfair African Americans were killed, people began to use the phrase “Black Lives Matter.” Many people were angered by this phrase, and struck back with the phrase of “All Lives Matter.” From here on out, the two phrases will be referred to as “BLM” and “ALM.” As stated, the phrase BLM resulted…

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