Essay on Social And Behavioral Science Of Facebook

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Pinterest The Pew Research Center reveals that the Pinterest Audience is high-income, female-heavy audience of tablet users (Greenwood, 2015
. It is best used for promoting traffic to a brand, sales and infographics through visual conent that links back to the brand website. Currently there are 40 million users of Pinterest (Munoz-Tayras, 2015). Pinterest appeal to millennial’s who see it as an opportunity to share ideas and interact with other.
Social and Behavioral Science of Pinterest Peer-to-Peer Support through social networking is gaining momentum as a engagement strategy instead of face-to-face support. While BMTinfonet maintains a help-line and a Caring Connections support teams millennial’s who make up 25% of the population are comfortable sharing personal information online. Teens and young adults transplant patients can create content with “personality” and showcase their journey to other users.
The Bottom Line Ultimately, the social media research was presented to the executive director and her team who will later decide which platform would best serve their needs. The information was presented as follows:
As an agency BMTinfonet will need to ask itself 3 things:
1. What is your objective and to that extent who is your target audience—do you want to increase teen and young people engagement into your base? (In my opinion social media for BMTinfonet has a two fold purpose; it can be educational and it can help patients who are feeling isolated).
2. What…

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