Social Advertising Essay

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Social Advertising
Social media exists in the context of communities that are built of people who develop and nurture relationships by creating, co-creating, sharing, commenting, and engaging in content (Tuten, 2008). Advertising on such social platform is what accounts to social advertisement.
Most of these communities are made up by our sponsors, believers, assistants, coaches, cheerleaders, and friends. Advertising has always been a means of mass communication with a great persuasive force. Thus with the current up rise in social networking in the current world, many advertisers are now turning their heads towards social media and networking. There are various social benefits from advertising that are explained as follows (Kaptan,
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Viral Marketing Viral marketing is a strategy by which a marketer creates a campaign focused around the goal of causing viewers of that promotion to spontaneously spread it by sending it to friends (Zarrella, 2013). Email was the most original strategy in viral marketing with its feature to ‘forward’. But these days viral video campaigns are the most common types making the ground breaking story of how YouTube got to be a billion dollar platform. Most of the time, viral campaign is a meme that is stripped from its original media and spreads by discussions such as facebook posts, twitter, Instagram etc.
Social Ads and Social Apps Creating and distributing relevant content has become the most common-wide strategy in social advertising recently. This is also called as content marketing that is especially for attracting, acquiring and engaging target audience.
The best example as explained in the American Express OPEN Forum (Black, 2013) is when we spent time and money developing a great new how-to video or article; we make sure people see it. We first upload it in YouTube for the URL link and then post/promote it in networking sites such as Facebook or Twitter. Positive comments, reviews and ‘likes’ adds value to such posts and promotes the source.
Facebook, Twitter and YouTube With Facebook’s new ‘promoted’ posts, business have their regular posts appear higher and more often in the news

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