Social Activism Is Powerful Word And Form Of Action Essay

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The word activist derives from the Latin “actus,” which translates to “a doing, a driving force, or an impulse.” Activism is powerful word and form of action, associated with landmark movements throughout history that prompted social and political change, including abolition, civil rights, human rights, feminism, suffrage, and, of course, the various movements under the umbrella of environmentalism. Yet the efforts of activists do not produce results over night — often times, it takes years and even decades, as those who dedicate a great of their lives to any particular movement are faced with endless challenges, ones that can prove both disheartening and discouraging. Yet, in the face of bitter struggles and constant corporate, political, and social pushback, many of these activists persist, banding together in groups big and small, to ensure their voices and their demands are heard. Environmental activism, in particular, has proved challenging. Activists are often frustrated with the rate of change, both in terms of policy change and levels of public participation; however, the movement has gained significant group over the past seven decades. Although there was environmental participation by conservationist and preservationist activists prior to World War II, there was a proliferation of widespread activism during the 1950s, 1960s, and 1970s after a series of environmental disasters ignited concern, including increased habitat destruction, the 1969 Santa Barbara Oil…

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