Soccer, Samba And Sex: The Problem Of Sex Trafficking In The World

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Sex trafficking is a worldwide issue that is prevalent in many countries and is defined as “a form of human trafficking that almost always involves the forced prostitution of women, although it does fall upon men as well, often children.” This issue is a form of modern day slavery that unfortunately occurs more than it should. The fact that this is a common worldwide issue means that it is a problem that is affecting everyone. Therefore, it would be of uttermost importance for this issue to be brought into light more so that the public could work together to decrease the number of victims that are forced into this kind of lifestyle.
Because of how common sex trafficking is and because it is such a major issue, it is difficult to find a solution
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The issue is so big and Brazil is so well known for their sex trafficking problem that even in 2016 during the Olympics there were concerns that perhaps the number of victims could increase, therefore the public was being informed and the media was desperately trying to address this issue so that perhaps there would be more caution during the Olympics. Between 2005 and 2011 it was reported by the Brazilian Foreign Ministry that there were “more than 300 Brazilian sex trafficking victims abroad and 337 sex trafficking victims in Brazil.” The years alone prove that sex trafficking in Brazil is not an issue that can be solved quickly rather it may take a couple more years before there is an actual decrease in the number of victims. Countries abroad are also not helping the issue, especially since the numbers show that the amount of victim in Brazil and those abroad are not too far …show more content…
The article also points out that International government cooperation is important because it could help prevent sex trafficking due to the exchange of reliable information. This is a very good point because if countries worked together to obtain information about the sex trafficking that occurs, then perhaps the number of victims could drastically decrease. Therefore, communication among countries would be important because every country would benefit from the exchange of information and because the information could help decrease the amount of sex trafficking victims that enter certain

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