Soccer Popularity Research Paper

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Soccer Popularity American’s continue to struggle to come to terms with the world’s most popular sport, soccer. Soccer was not created in America, instead it was an English import. Around the time that soccer gained popularity around the world, Americans were playing football and baseball. While soccer continues to grow around the world, it has slowly become a popular sport in the United States with the success of Major League Soccer. Soccer is not the most popular sport in the United States because of sports that Americans find more “American”. Football is known as “the American sport”, because of it being created in the United States even though it came from a form of rugby. After football, the next most popular sport is baseball, which is widely known as “America’s pastime” also created in America in the 1800’s. The …show more content…
Soccer is popular in other leagues because the world’s best play on those teams. With soccer still being new to our country, the owners and teams are not able to afford world’s best players at their peak to join MLS teams. Instead, it’s common for the best players to join MLS at the end of their career, right before they retire. Personally, I believe soccer is starting to become an increasing popular sport in the United States. Just recently MLS has added two new soccer teams for the 2017-2018 season, Atlanta United FC and Minnesota United FC, and in 2015 MLS added New York City FC and Orlando City SC to the league. The MLS has experienced a rise in attendance, viewership, and an increase in teams wanting to join the league. Another reason is that Americans are starting to watch more foreign soccer, which causes sports channels to choose what soccer games fans want to

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