Essay about Soccer Is Not Just Any Sport

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Soccer or perhaps football is not just any sport; it is a way of life. I first started playing soccer when I was six years old back where come from, Bahrain. In Bahrain, soccer is the number one sport as it’s the most watched and the most played. So, the question that if I will continue to participate in playing soccer is defiantly, and without any hesitation, a yes. I play soccer because it is my favorite hobby and it has the greatest form of sportsmanship and teamwork. Soccer is a sport that is cheap to play and can be played almost everywhere. An essential factor of what excites me of soccer is the goal celebrations. People who play soccer understand that it isn’t easy to score goals and if one does so, the feeling is surreal. In addition to playing on Mondays and Wednesdays in class, I frequently play in a men’s league at Santa Monica. However, I stopped due to time constriction and due to the fact that it’s on a Sunday and it’s my only time being free where I can focus on my schoolwork. Moreover, I tend to watch soccer and try to understand how the team communicates. To be specific, I am a huge F.C Barcelona fan and they are truly phenomenal in their style of play. Every single week, I watch the English Premier League and Barcelona’s game. In contrast, they are both highly different in their style of play. For instance, Barcelona is more tactical in passing and easy goals as the English love to be aggressive and highly defensive. By watching these games, I look up to my…

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