Analysis Of Lionel Messi's 'Fast Or Fail'

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Irving Cazares
Professor Jose Jimenez
English 1301-81051
22 October 2017
Not Just Any Soccer Cleats! Advertisement in sports have a broad market in order for teams and companies that sell sportswear. Adidas one of the largest retail sportswear in the world does that by teaming up with Lionel Messi to promote one of his soccer cleats the “Adizero”. Companies usually use famous athletes to promote their product. Furthermore, Adidas uses Lionel Messi one of the best players in soccer in the world to endorse their cleats to appeal his large fan base of all ages and genders. The ad conveys the message that the Adizero F50 cleats will help you run faster while, being in style. This advertisement is called “Fast or Fail” by Adidas the ad portrays
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Adidas knows that many of Lionel Messi’s fans want or try to emulate him. Adidas advertisement takes advantage of this. This marks the first significant element of the ad by portraying Messi running with the cleats that they are trying to sell to the consumer. In the advertisement while, Leonel Messi is out running another soccer player the colors of the shoes are coming out of him. This ad tries to simulate like when the Flash is running lighting comes out of him because of the speed he is running at. By doing this the ad is trying to convey that the soccer cleats are what’s helping Leonel Messi able to run at such …show more content…
I think that the text in the advertisement tries to convey the message that people that play soccer need to have a level of speed or they will fail. The advertisement tries to say that if they don’t use the cleats to be fast they will fail or lose the game. The main reason why the cleats help is because of the material used to make the cleats Adizero. The name “Adizero” kind of speaks for itself the material use for the this is very light weight; which is why they’re called Adizero because of the weight of the soccer cleats. Which, help convey the message that the soccer cleats are very light. An article describes the cleats Adizero “officially unveiling the 6.9-ounce 5 Star, which Adidas says is the lightest football cleat ever made.”. Another, study done prove that “...people run slower when wearing heavier sneakers, even if the difference is just a few ounces.”. An although, the ad does not depict that the soccer cleats are light weight. It does state it by naming soccer cleats

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