Soc 3116 Mid Essay

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SOC 3116 B Technologies, World and Societies (Fall 2015)
Professor: Stephan Larose
Who Killed the Electric Car?

Marissa Pandel
Student Number: 7487677

1. A) What is a relevant social Group?
A relevant social group is a group of people who play a role in the development of an artifact. It is a group that share common meaning to the specific artifact. (September 25th Lecture)
B) What are the relevant social groups involved in the story told by the documentary?
1. Car Manufactures
2. Oil Companies
3. Government
4. Consumer/ EV1 Owners
5. California Air Resource Board (CARB)
6. Non-users

2. A) What is interpretive flexibility?
The meaning of interpretive flexibility is various groups of peopled involved
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John R. Dabels was hired for the job. The EV1 was taken on by the Saturn division and it was marked in California and Arizona.
Other car companies began to make similar models. The waiting lists started to fill up for the EV1. Unfortunately the process to lease an EV1 became very difficult. This is where GM’s problem solving strategy began. GM was not advertising properly. Some people thought the advertising would scare them away. GM never took the waiting lists seriously; they stated they would describe the limitation of the product before selling the car. This is very odd from a sales point of view. Chelsea Sexton had to write a resume for Mel Gibson to get an EV1.
GM then pulled the EV1 off the road. GM began lying about the location and the fate of the vehicles. Before you knew it they had them all destroyed. Once the EV1 was destroyed other car companies were starting to destroy all there electric cars as well.
Batteries were said to be a huge issue with the car. But a better battery already existed. O’Shinsky developed the battery that was chosen by GM. He was told he could not advertise or publicize the product. GM then sold the shares to Texaco which is an oil company.
It was said that the EV1 was also discouraged because of the loss of revenue that would result with low maintenance costs. GM realized as did other car companies by advertising a clean car they were proving just how dirty their cars really were.

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