Soc 110 Communication Paper

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Communication Paper
May 16, 2011

Communication Paper

Communication is always occurring whether anyone is speaking or not. There are two ways that people can communicate; verbal and non-verbal. There are three functions of verbal communication—task ordering, process orientation, and narrative. Communication is not only spoken language as in verbal communication but it also involves non-verbal which includes facial expression, gestures, making eye contact, and hand movements. This paper will describe the differences and how people communicate. Also it will converse the challenges that arise when communicating with different genders and cultures and how one can communicate more effectively in a diverse environment.
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Women use communication to build relationships and collaboration to bond with others. Men are usually uncomfortable discussing feelings or showing emotion. Men want to solve a problem and move forward. However, women tend to like to discuss personal feelings, show emotions, and invite input from others. Thus, challenges arise between men and women. For example, after a long day I like to come home and vent to my boyfriend. His interpretations are that I am a constant complainer when really I just want to express my personal feelings.
Verbal and nonverbal communication between different cultures can be challenging. Some of the challenges that arise when communicating with different cultures are difference in communication styles, attitudes towards conflict, decision-making styles, and approaches on tasks. It is important we accept each and everyone’s differences. Non-verbal communication may be more effective when dealing with different cultures and languages. Effective communication requires special attention and consideration from each party. When cultural barriers exist, one must rely on nonverbal communication to relay the correct message. However, being knowledgeable of other cultures gestures and body language is essential. Here in America, we valuable others personal space. However, in Mexico being close to each other when engaged in a conversation is respectful. Eye contact can be a sign of respect in some culture but in others it may

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