Soap Industry Analysis (Dove) Essay

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The origins of personal cleanliness date back to prehistoric times. Since water is essential for life, the earliest people lived near water and knew something about its cleansing properties - at least that it rinsed mud off their hands. A soap-like material found in clay cylinders during the excavation of ancient Babylon is evidence that soap making was known as early as 2800 B.C. Inscriptions on the cylinders say that fats were boiled with ashes, which is a method of making soap, but do not refer to the purpose of the "soap." Such materials were later used as hair styling aids.

Soap got its name, according to an ancient Roman legend, from Mount Sapo,
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The main characteristic of the industry is severe competition and high level of brand proliferation.

The Indian Soap Industry includes about 700 companies with combined annual revenue of about $17 billion. Major companies in this industry include divisions of P&G, Unilever, and Nirma. The Indian Soap Industry is highly concentrated with the top 50 companies holding almost 90% of the market. The market size of global soap and detergent market size was estimated to be around 31M tonne in 2004, which is estimated to grow to 33M tonne in the coming years. Toilet soaps account for more than 10% of the total market of soap and detergents. India’s soap market is Rs 41.75 billion. Indian Soap Industry volume is Rs 4,800 crore. 1.3 MAJOR PLAYERS:
In the Indian toilet soaps market, the lead players include: * HLL * Nirma * Godrej Consumer Products Ltd * Colgate Palmolive Ltd and * Wipro Consumer Care

In terms of market share for Indian Soap Industry the data indicates that HLL had a market share of 64 % in the soap market, followed by Nirma at 16.8 % and Godrej at 4.4%. Nirma’s market share was in the northern region was 21 %. The largest contributor to the toilet soaps market in Indian market is Hindustan Lever with the total contribution to the economy & enjoys almost a two-thirds share, with the second ranked Nirma Soaps

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