Essay about Soap Advertisement

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A couple of the main goals of every business are to have loyal customers and make a large profit. In order to reach success each business tries their best to stand out and gain the attention of potential buyers. Advertising helps lure people in to buying products by identifying the needs and wants of their costumers and convincing them that it is necessary to purchase those products. In the 1800s there were many people who still had a negative attitude towards the blacks after the civil war and considered being dirty, exhibiting the blackness, as very bad. Soap businesses used their advertising to target those seeking to become whiter. In the late 1800s, because of developments in technology, manufacturing soap became more popular. …show more content…
Many of the people who could buy soap and thus targeted were white and had money. They did not want to have the qualities of those they looked down upon, so would find reassurance in using the soap that would provide a thorough cleanse. In one of N.K. Fairbank’s advertisements, also included in their booklets of illustrations, are two young children of different races. On the left is an African American child with short hair, a dirty raggedy dress, no shoes and standing very nervously, gripping her dress staring at the other child with a sense of confusion and shame. The child on the right is white with curly blond hair; dressed in leather shoes; a nice, clean blue and white dress; and standing very confidently with a face of curiosity all while holding a bar of Fairy Soap in her hand. Below them is a caption that reads “ Why Doesn’t Your Mamma Wash You With Fairy Soap?” Below the main caption there is a note that reads “Made only by The N.K. Fairbank Company”. N.K. Fairbank published an advertisement capturing a moment depicting child’s innocence but also defining the purpose of Fairy Soap. Young children usually do not understand the difference of skin color. It would be common for the youth to be covered in dirt or even soot so any darkness on their skin would be recognized as being removable by soap. The blond girl noticed the different skin tone and thought the other girl was just dirty. Not

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