`` So When Did You Know? Essay

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“So when did you know?” Tom asked through a mouthful of pizza. With several beers under his belt and stomach full of food, it hadn’t taken him long to feel relaxed around the man who had thrown his life into turmoil. There were still many questions that needed answering, and the most burning of those was when Booker knew he was bisexual.

It was the question Dennis most dreaded answering. Was it the exhilarating moment his classmate’s lips touched his cock? Or was it after he’d ejaculated, when the warm, post-climactic afterglow had tingled through his sated body? In the eight years since his coming out, it was a question he had asked himself many times. But he had come to the conclusion it was almost impossible to define the exact moment when he realized he felt and attraction toward boys as well as girls. So, rather than relive the painful and somewhat humiliating story of his first homosexual encounter, he gave Tom a more generic answer. “I think I always knew.”

Tom paused mid-bite, the two lines between his brows deepening. Once again he wondered why he had only developed feelings for the opposite sex at the age of twenty-four, and why did those feelings only apply to Booker? None of it made sense, and he began to wonder if he was going through some sort of emotional crisis. But truth be told, he had never felt happier. He had a job he adored, friends he loved, and apart from a few issues with his mother, life was good. So why, all of a sudden, did he feel the need to…

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