So Far from God Essay

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Essay, Research Paper: So Far From God
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The book So Far From God illustrates several aspects of spirituality
and emotional restrains which makes it very difficult to focus on just
one point. Several characters are active in several activities
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Several of Sofia's friends and relatives thought that
Don Domingo was not a good man for her, including her grandfather who
refused to bless the young lovers, her own father refused to let Domingo
step foot in his house, her favorite teacher in high school teacher, who
always praised Sofia's common sense and intelligence and even the priest
that refused to marry the couple in the church. Nobody thought Domingo
would make up as a good husband because of the fact that he loved to gamble.
It was in his blood and that's one thing he did all the time after Sofi ran
away with him and they both got married. As we read towards the end of the
book, we find out that the land and the house, which Sofi and Domingo were
living in, were inherited by Sofi from his parents who got it from Sofi's
grandparents. Domingo started betting on Sofi's land since he had already
spent all his money in his hobby and had no more of his own money to bet
left. Sofi got really irritated by this and actually told Domingo to leave
before he brings his family on streets as they had only a little left of
what was given to her by her parents. On this, Domingo left his wife and
his four little daughters, to fulfill his hobby without anybody's
interference and he did not return until after a long time.

Throughout the book, even though it's not very clear on exactly how many
years did Domingo and Sofi stayed apart, but at one point Ana Castillo
mentions that it had been…

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