Sns, Se And Loss Of Self Control Essay

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In 5 subsequent studies Wilcox and Stephen (2013) aimed to test several hypothesis related to SNS, SE and loss of self-control. Of the five, two looked at the relationship between SNS and increased SE and to test that people aim to show close friends the positive aspects about themselves. 100 participants were pooled from a US research panel; some were used in all 5 studies. They were then assigned to one of 4 groups in a 2x2 study design (facebook vs no facebook, strong ties vs weak ties). The participants listed 5 close and 5 distant friends; they then answered a questionnaire on a likert type scale, which asked how much their friends’ opinions mattered to them. Through ANOVA testing, results found that the strong tie group reported higher levels if of self-esteem after browsing Facebook compared to those who did not browse Facebook (MFB = 3.25; Mno FB = 2.64; F(1, 95) = 11.34, p = .001). The second study found concluded that only when thinking about the information they are giving to others while on the SNS did SE increase. The study, though concluding that SNS increase SE for individuals focused on friends, after browsing the internet they had less self control on indulgent or impulsive behaviors such as unhealthy eating. The study though rigorous with 5 succeeding studies, uses very small samples and some individuals were used in other studies hurting reliability. This makes it hard to generalize data, not all people will be impulsive after browsing the net, age gender…

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