Essay on Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs

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Once upon a time, in a kingdom very far away, lived a young woman who wished to be known for more than her looks, her voice, and her clothing. Sound familiar? This sentence is usually the entire premise of a fairy tale. There is a young girl, an evil adversary, and a sidekick, or sidekicks. In Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Snow White is known as the “fairest of them all,” and an evil Queen wishes to kill her because of her looks. The Evil Queen asks her Magic Mirror who the fairest of them all is, and at first, the Magic Mirror lies to her, just to get the acceptance of the lady whom he is serving. However, he eventually tells her the truth: her scullery maid, Snow White, is far more beautiful than she, The Evil Queen, will ever be. This film does not only show that all young girls must cook and clean, it also tells its audience that young women are incapable of saving themselves, just like the only way Snow White was able to be saved was by “love’s first kiss:” a kiss from a young prince. The Queen is royalty in the film. In the 1500s, royalty wore the color purple. And, no matter the gender, he or she wore a cape. To squeeze in the waist, the women wore belts, usually made of gold, just like the Evil Queen in the film. Snow White on the other hand, wears lighter clothing with slashed sleeves. There is no purple in her outfit, which is a sign of lower class. The prince wears clothing that is a little less flashy than what the men wore in the early 1500s. The less…

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