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Snapple Case Write-up 1. In Snapple’s early years, before it was acquired by Quaker, it became a very successful and experienced rapid growth. This is due to many reasons that all can be traced to its branding. Snapple was popular in a niche group of health nuts and hipsters. Even as it increased its market share, it successfully kept the image of the “little guy” and was appealing due to how “real” the company was. People saw that not only was the drink 100% natural, but the people were too. They kept this image and were able to sell Snapple at a premium price too.
When looking at this success in terms of the four P’s of marketing, obviously each P was important. That being said, I think that product and promotion were the two
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She was somebody that most of the consumers felt that they could relate to. She was a former truck dispatcher from New York and she sported the classic New York accent. Her personality was described as eccentric and she attracted a lot of attention in that way that was more free advertising for Snapple. She was “one of us” and she was real, just like Snapple. That is what the consumers were buying when they bought Snapple.
Place and price also had their impacts on Snapple’s early success. Snapple had gained its foothold on the East Coast and, at that time, was smart in not trying to force itself on to the West Coast. The brand was not ready yet for that kind of rapid expansion and needed to build itself up and gain more popularity before it expanded its territory in that direction. The price contributed to Snapple’s success because due to their successes in the other three P’s, they could sell Snapple at a premium price and generate more revenue. 4. If I were Mike Weinstien, I would make it my priority for Snapple to reclaim its old brand and go back to its roots of being the natural drink from the natural company, rather than being seen as just another big business out for nothing but money. I think it is important for Snapple to get back to having the right people endorse them for their brand. Their promotion, in its quirky, offbeat, yet authentic way, is a huge part of what led to their past success. I’m not

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