Smuggling Case Study

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1) What is smuggling? What is smuggled and why is it smuggled? Who benefits from smuggling and who is hurt by smuggling and how? Smuggling can be crossing a border into a country or helping someone cross a border without going through the legal process. It can also be bringing something illegally into a country without going through the established trade and commerce regulations of a country. Smuggling comes in many shapes and forms, however drugs smuggling is one of the main smuggled things that concerns the most to U.S. officials because drugs can create many more problems once they reached U.S. soil (UNODC, 2016). Drugs are smuggled into the United States because there is a huge demand for them here, since the corruption level and effectiveness …show more content…
In our Southern border the way the smuggling of immigrants works is by the immigrants paying a fee to a coyote. In return, the coyote will guide the immigrants through a supposed to be “Safe route” and help the immigrants cross the border. However, in many cases the coyotes take advantage of the immigrants throughout the journey and when things get complicated the coyote bails out and leaves the immigrants by themselves in remote places that the immigrants are unfamiliar with (UNODC, …show more content…
government needs to help, work, and encourage other countries to start implementing in other countries the same technologies and laws that have been proven to be effective here in the U.S. (The White House, 2011). To win the war on drugs the U.S. needs to reduce its demand for drugs. To accomplish this, the National Drug Control Strategy should create more comprehensive drug prevention programs, educate the general public about the side effects of drugs and the impact it has in our economy, and create more effective treatment programs for drug users (The White House, 2011).
3) Besides smuggling, what other border violations threaten the facilitation of legitimate trade. Besides smuggling, criminal facilitators threaten the facilitation of legitimate trade because they work with transnational criminal organizations and they use their money in order to make legal trades and businesses (The White House, 2011). Cybercrime also threatens legal trade because it is a sword of two edges, it can be used for legal trade but it can also be used for illegal trade and it can put consumers’ personal information as well as their health at risk (The White House, 2011).
4) What is the globalization of organized crime and how serious is the

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