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[pic] [pic] A PROJECT REPORT ON “SMS BASED HOME APPLIANCE CONTROL SYSTEM” Submitted in partial fulfillment for the award of Degree Bachelor of Technology in Computer Science SUBMITTED BY DIGANTA MUDAI KALYAN BANERJEE JAHNU BORAH (Final Year B. E. Computer Science & Engineering) Under Guidance of Mrs. UMA THAKUR DEPARTMENT OF COMPUTER SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING [pic] PRIYADARSHINI INSTITUTE OF ENGINEERING &

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The approach that is used in this project involved the development of an independent SMS recognition system that can communicate via USB or COMM port to a PC, which will operate a GSM Controlled PC. This is an excellent example how electronic technology can be used to improve the quality of our day to day life. Normally we operate the PC manually. What if we can operate the same via sms?

Control via the GSM using the text message service SMS has recently achieved encouraging results in many computerized and mobile applications. Home temperature control is an example of such applications, which necessitates implementation of devices to control appliances like air-condition, heater or performing cyclic sensing for room temperature evaluation.

These sensing and controlling functions are usually performed with a computer interface system while the communication between the mobile phone and the PC is utilized using simple software. The proposed system is shown in the diagram where a Siemens C45 mobile phone is used as the means of communication over the GSM. A Visual Basic software program is written to enable the PC to send and receive SMS messages through the mobile equipment providing AT commands for opening serial port connection.

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