Banning Cigarettes Essay

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How much life do you lose from smoking? You lose about 14.5 years of the average 78.8 which comes out to about 18.4% of the average life span. they have ingredients like Cadmium Benzene which are linked to some cancers. Even though it can be used as a medication, cigarettes should be illegal because there are many side effects to using the product and many toxic chemicals go into the product.
Medicine would be the last thing you think when it comes to cigarettes ,but it is true that they have a medical use even though it is a very small unproven and not recommended use. One medical use of this product is an appetite depressant ,even though it is not backed by medical professionals due to its other side effects and health concerns it is not
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When pregnant if a mother smokes she increases the possibilities of miscarriage. the mother loses her child before the child is born. Also The chance of the child being born before its due date when it is completely formed and ready it will be born early and be more susceptible to health risk like not completely formed lungs ,and brain and a heart murmur or birth defects like born blind, deaf ,or mute. Cigarette use can accelerate some illnesses as well. Asthma and pneumonia are harder to fight when the infected are smokers.
Second hand smoke is a silent and invisible side effect. Second hand smoke does not just affect the user but those around him or her. Because of this those around of the smoker are like they are smoking the cigarette themselves. Those exposed to secondhand smoke are damaged just like the smoker is but on a less intense level because it is not as direct as smoking it directly.
During the production process the cigarettes have many deadly chemicals that are used to mask the true bitter taste and enhance the absorption of the nicotine. Some of these chemicals are arsenic a chemical used as rat poison, butane used as lighter fluid, cadmium used in batteries, DDT a banned insecticide, Formaldehyde used as a specimen preservative, lead, and carbon monoxide a poisonous gas. These are only a few of the ingredients in the cigarettes out of the approximate 4,000. Many of these ingredients are still a

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