Essay on Smoking : Smoking And Smoking

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Although not initially thought to be a tobacco-related cancer, over the last several decades evidence has been accumulating on the role of both active smoking and secondhand smoking in the etiology of breast cancer (Reynolds 2013). The most recent wave of evidence suggests that there is a potentially unpremeditated role for active smoking and breast cancer, particularly for heavy smokers and smokers who began in their youth (Reynolds). There are some problems with the design method behind labeling specific risk factors because cigarette smoker are more likely to consume alcohol. This makes it problematic when it comes to differentiating effects from specific behaviors. The observed smoking related risk for breast cancer has the potential to be an artifact of the alcohol consumption. Regardless of the correlation, cessation to smoking is one of the most important preventive health measures for a woman in order to significantly reduce their chances of morbidity and premature mortality. While physician instruction to quit is shown to be a successful and cost-effective smoking cessation intervention for the mainstream culture, minorities are less likely to visit a doctor, and when they do, they are less likely to receive advice to quit (King 1997). It is imperative that investigators, clinicians, and legislators to include the real-world and cultural needs of ethnic minority subgroups in their agenda consideration when designing smoking intervention agendas. It should…

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