Smoking Should Not Be Promoted As A Good Starting Point For The Campus Policy

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One tip suggested including smokers in the write-up of the campus policy. This ensures that all voices are heard, and an inclusive environment is promoted. A well thought out plan should take finding partnerships into consideration. Widener partnered with Independence Blue Cross to offer students education in cessation. Also, the smoking policy should be promoted as a movement towards the well-being of the campus by not only encouraging smokers to quit, but by promoting healthy eating habits and an active lifestyle7. Smoking should not be viewed as a negative connotation, but as a bad habit that needs to be kicked, just like unhealthy eating, or an inactive lifestyle. Every person on campus should be affected by the policy and strive to enhance their well-being. Policies such as the ones mentioned are not too difficult to implement and definitely offer a good starting point for Wilkes University.
The Wilkes University community have already began moving towards a smoke free campus by officially implementing a smoking policy which was in standing effect August 31st, 2015. A committee started planning the groundwork for what some hope will be a war on tobacco. According to the 2015-16 Student Handbook, the newly endorsed tobacco policy states that “Anyone smoking tobacco-derived products in outdoor locations on campus must be at least twenty feet from any building door, window, or ventilating system.”8 Hopefully this new policy can be an impactful start to a smoke-free campus…

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