Essay on Smoking Should Not Be Banned

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Fletcher Knebel, former American author of political fiction, once stated "Smoking is one of the leading causes of statistics." As stated by Knebel, smoking continues to be one of the most controversial studied topics in society. Some people believe smoking should be banned in all public places, and others believe there should be no restrictions on public smoking. Therefore, many believe smoking bans contribute to the well-being of society, while others claim smoking bans should not be enforced because smoking lacks a strong negative effect on the general public.
Although many believe the issue of smoking to be a controversial issue currently, in reality, the issue has been present since the settlement of America. For instance, tobacco was a critical economic factor that drove European settlement in North America in the seventeenth century as a result of the agricultural based economy (“Smoking Bans and the Tobacco Industry”). The issue regarding smoking began as early colonists lacked knowledge on the topic and began to discuss the health effects caused by smoking. Some early colonists, as stated by one columnist "considered smoking to be a benign recreational activity" and even contained "beneficial health properties" (“Smoking Bans and the Tobacco Industry”). As time passed some settlers disagreed with previous opinions and claimed smoking was "unbecoming of a good Christian" and, therefore, looked down upon by society (“Smoking Bans and the Tobacco Industry”). Fast…

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