Smoking Is A Terrible Thing Essay

804 Words Feb 4th, 2016 4 Pages
There is a big problem going on in our community. People go around all day and to all places smoking their cigarettes. They seem to have no regard or care to the people around them. It also gives a bad impression to young adults and children that smoking is okay. It makes public areas smell bad which makes it less attractive for people to sit and eat in outdoor restaurants. In addition there are many health problems for those who smoke as well as those who inhale second hand smoke. Therefore we should help eliminate this issue of smoking by banning it in public areas and tax it more so cigarettes are harder to buy. Smoking is a terrible thing. When children or young adults see people smoking it makes it okay to them. That is wrong smoking is just as bad as any other recreational drug. In fact it might even be worse. We definitely should not be giving an impression that it is good and proper to smoke. Yet that is what we are doing by allowing this to continue. We are giving permission for this to continue. It seems everywhere you go all you do is see people smoking.
Everywhere I go I see people smoking. If I am at the gas station people are smoking, I go for a walk I see and smell people smoking. Sometimes even when I go camping I see people smoking. How am I supposed to enjoy the nature if you are there ruining the fresh, crisp air with your cigarette smoke? If I want to go hang out in my favorite’s restaurants that have outdoor seating areas many times I end up moving…

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