Essay about Smoking : Causes And Effects

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People often think negatively of smoking. Even people that smoke think negatively of smoking. Smoking is a bad habit to have. It can ruin your life, and it can ruin other people 's lives as well. It is the leading cause of lung cancer and has almost no good effects. The only good effect it has is on the companies that are selling cigarettes. Smoking should be terminated before it damages anymore lives.
Smoking has many very bad consequences. It has side effects that can alter physical appearance. It can cause a smoker 's skin to age faster. It causes wrinkles in the face and throughout the body. Smoking causes bad breath and a fowl smell in general. No one likes the smell of smoke. It can also cause a person 's teeth to turn yellow and look very unattractive.
Over time one 's teeth could even fall out. Smoking has been known to cause a horrendous cough. A distraction to almost anyone who is around a smoker. Smoking can also effect a person 's vison. Eye sight can get worse and worse over time. These are just a few of the negative consequences that come with smoking. Schmitt 2 Smoking is the number one cause of lung cancer. Lung cancer can kill a person. My grandfather died two weeks ago from lung cancer. He was seventy-three years old. Seventy three. He had smoked for forty years and had been dealing with the consequences to the day he died. He had lung cancer numerous times throughout his life. It became such an…

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