Smoking And The Respiratory System

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Smoking and the Respiratory System The respiration system is one of the prime systems in human body because its function is to deliver oxygen to the lungs in order to exchange gases. Many reasons can cause the function of the respiration system not to perform well and cause the diseases; smoking is one of the main reason and the most dangerous cause that can cause diseases in human body. Since there are many parts of respiration system and functions of each part perform dependently, smoking can interfere the whole process of the respiratory system. The two phrases of the respiratory system are inspiration and expiration, and this system is divided into two parts – upper respiratory tract and lower respiratory tract. Inspiration is the active …show more content…
When human inhales the oxygen, the air passes from the nose, and the hair and mucus in the nose filter that air. Then, it passes into the nasal cavity which has many capillaries that moisten and warm the air. Then, the air reach the throat, and it passes down the larynx that connects the pharynx and the trachea. The function of trachea is to connect the larynx and the primary bronchi, and trachea is the passenger of air to the bronchi. The cilia and mucus in trachea help the lungs to keep clean. The two bronchi in the bronchial tree lead the air from trachea to the lungs. Those bronchi join with the small and thin tubes called bronchioles, and those bronchioles connect to the sac called alveoli. The gaseous exchange occurs in the alveoli. The oxygen and carbon dioxide are exchanged in the alveoli by diffusion. Therefore, those two gases are diffuse from higher to lower partial pressure. During external respiration, oxygen diffuse from the lungs into the blood capillaries, but carbon dioxide diffuse from those capillaries into the lungs. During internal respiration, oxygen diffuses from the blood capillaries into the tissue …show more content…
According to American Lung Association, cigarette can generate more than 7000 thousands chemicals when it burns, and 69 percent of those chemical can cause cancer. Tobacco smoking can cause every part of the respiratory system, and it interferes every function of it parts. When the smoker inhale the tobacco, the chemicals from it pass and contact with mucus and tissues of pharynx and larynx. Then, those parts of the respiratory system suffer the irritation from smoking and cause hoarseness, coughing and wheezing from inflammation of throat and voice

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