Smoked Seabass Case Study

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Register to read the introduction… * Monitoring the price and availability of raw materials. | Marketing Intermediaries | * Select only trusted reseller. * Improve marketing channel. | Customers | * Fulfilling the needs and wants of customer. | Competitors | * We will conduct a SWOT analysis and build strategic marketing mix. | Public | * We will consider several group of public that could give impact or interest to our company. |
Table 4.2 Macroenvironment Macroenvironment | Description | Natural | * Sea pollution will effects the marine organisms and could cause shortage in raw materials. | Cultural | * Lifestyle of healthy and sustainability (LOHAS). | Technological | * Technology has contributes less contamination toward raw material, processed product and finish product. |

4.3 Marketing orientation
Table 4.3 Marketing environment Marketing concept | Description | Production concept | * Improve production and distribution efficiency. * Considering demand versus supply. * Maximize profit with minimize production cost. | Product concept | * Halal product. * In-the-style traditional food. * Continuous product improvement.
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We use Smoked Seabass as our brand name which reflects the tasty, benefits and qualities of our smoked seabass. It is also easy to pronounce, recognize and remember.

b. Quality
Our smoked seabass is freshly made and inspected to maintain its quality. It could last for more than a month if store in cool place. We also use a quality flavours to give the real-taste of each flavours.

c. Design
We design our smoked seabass in simple way which is in attractive packaging to fulfil the needs and wants of the customers.

4.4.2 Price
The price that we have decided is considered reasonable after evaluation of all the factors involved which is RM 22.50/kg.

4.4.3 Promotion
Smoked Aqua Enterprise will ensure that its product is well received and promoted in the best ways possible under the range of the budget. Besides that, the employee must be mentally and physically focused on producing a quality product and pleasing the customer.
Among the steps that we are going to undertake are: i. The product will be advertised through the medium of radio broadcasting which is played daily for a period of times, in newspaper (once a week every on Sunday). It is important to grab the audience attention during their leisure time. Research proves that auditory memory is more retainable than visual

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