Smoke, Mirrors And Climate Doubt: An Analysis

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Over the years, society progresses, thus, revolutionizing the way of life. Scientific advancement has transformed the quality of life, whereas people are living longer, with more opportunities than obtainable to previous generations. Our advancement in society that has granted a cutting-edge communication system that allows people to stay connected constantly and be able to obtain various sources of knowledge, at the click of a button. However, this advancement becomes an issue, when it is framed by conglomerate corporations that provoke an economic and political agenda in their favor. The powerful impact corporations have on public knowledge is exemplified in Al Gore 's essay “The Climate Emergency”, as well as in Naomi Oreskes and Erik Conway 's essay “Smoke, Mirrors and Climate Doubt”, as they …show more content…
Over time, corporations realized mass production is the key component to produce immense profit and power that will allow them to dominate the conception of the masses. According to environmentalist, researchers had information pertaining to the long-term effects of global warming more than forty years ago, but chose not to disclose it to the public because of possible doubt (page 156). This justifies how the successful economy is reliant on the burning of fossil fuels to extract natural resources to convert into profitable merchandise. The cover up, proves the motives of corporations, to promote profit over the lives of people, while jeopardizing the planet. This is related to the works of Oreskes and Conway, whereas the tobacco industry hid hazardous health information relating to the usage of cigarettes, because of little doubt supported by a handful of experts. Millions of Americans were smoking cigarettes, despite the medical researchers who discovered it was highly related to

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