Smoke Fire Research Paper

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“Into the Flames” a phrase used to describe someone who has an occupation of danger and these risk takers do this daily. One obscurely known occupation is a smoke jumper. A smoke jumper is someone whose deployments are usually reserved for fires occurring in the depth of a forest or any wildlife isolated from any civilized contact. This is the perfect opportunity for smoke jumpers. Their methods of deployment are usually taken from the skies, specifically from helicopters, in parachutes.
One notable incident is the Mann Gulch Fire of 1949 alongside the Upper Missouri River in the Gates of the Mountains Wilderness, Helena National forest, Montana in which it took the lives of 13 brave souls to their demise. The fire, sparked from a powerful lighting strike in the south side was mistakenly dismissed as a routine fire thinking it would not cause much harm the men casually took their time to organize themselves to get into position. They
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One had a clever idea, and this technique at the time had rarely been introduced. This technique is called the escape fire. An escape fire is executed by lighting a fire separated by the incoming main fire and extinguishing it as soon as possible. Dodge had ordered them to stand in the burned out area, but the men never listened due to a misunderstanding or because they thought they were confident enough to outrun the blazing inferno. Unfortunately, the fire proved too violent and too rapid for them to avoid its imminent wake. The aftermath resulted in the need for extensive assistance with 450 more firefighters combating the fire for five more days, in an effort to get it under control, which had spread to 4,500 acres. Mistakes were made, faults were pointed out, and lessons were learned. The great fire of 1949 had a significant impact on firefighting with new training protocols established and implemented into the

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