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Strategies for Smile Foundation to involve civil society in development process
Development is a process that leads to a transformation from an undesirable state of affairs to a desirable state. NGO’s help to make this transformation. They supplement the efforts made by government and are independent from any government. Smile Foundation is one such organization and it has introduced a working model named Social Venture Philanthropy (SVP). We have tried to suggest strategies which can enable Smile Foundation to involve civil society in the
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We suggest four methods by which citizens can be involved in the development process -

1. Citizen Empowerment

* Community Forums can be held to gather data and input on needs, assets, priorities, and evaluation. These are typically held when engaging in broad-based community initiatives with citizens.

* Participatory Evaluation engages the active involvement of the citizens whose lives are affected by the issue or program being addressed in every phase of the evaluation process, including problem formulation, defining what data are relevant, selecting methodologies, and interpreting data. It is an approach that engages community members in a joint process that mobilizes and enhances community strengths and problem-solving abilities.

* Focus Groups are small gatherings of people called together to deal with certain topics or issues. The group size usually ranges between five and ten people and is coordinated by a facilitator as well as a note taker who takes notes and observes the group interaction. Focus groups can be a source of community input that is enhanced by the dialogue among members when asked focused questions.

2. Institutional Participation

* Schools: Social responsibility must be instilled at a young age in students. They should be taught about moral values and need to care for the society so that when they become adults they behave in a

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