Smed and Ecrs to Reduce Setup Reduction Time Essay

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Identify the Best Sector

As we saw above there are lot of sectors available in front of the investors. But which sector one should



How To Invest In Share Market ?

choose that will give good returns in short term and long term investments. If the economy is weak and the

world is facing a financial pressure or crisis then it is tough to identify the sector as every sector would get


So it is better to pick up the mid cap stocks that will not go worse in near future. Because large cap stocks will

plunge and surge drastically like anything. If you were caught at the peak say January 2009. then it is tough

to get to that level.

How To Invest ?

This is the first question a person asks himself and approaches others when he wants to invest in share

market. Basically you should have a clear vision when you want to reap the benefits that is the returns.

If you want to pull out the invested money in short term, you should choose the critical moving sectors and

shares and also don't act blindly on the third party suggestions. If you want to have the investment to be

taken by your generation, then you can go for Long Term investment.

In long term investment one should analyze the pure fundamentals of the company, the dividend amount it

pays to the shareholders,the capital and the percentage of share ratio between the company and
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