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A Strategic Management Paper on SM Development Corporation

Submitted by: Encarnacion. Lipana. Raymundo. Rey. Soriano.

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY SM Development Corporation (SMDC) was originally incorporated on July 12, 1974 as Ayala Fund, Inc., a closed-end investment company. In March 1986, it was renamed SM Fund, Inc. after the SM Group of Companies took ownership of the company. After which, it stayed as an investment company that managed its investment thru diverse businesses in the country. In May 1996, SM Fund, Inc. was again renamed to SM Development Corporation to better state its new business of property development, whose focus is primarily to enter into the opportunities of
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Company Overview B. Corporate Values C. Value Chain Analysis D. Strengths and Weaknesses E. Financial Analysis F. Internal Factors Evaluation (IFE) Matrix III.TOWS Matrix VI. Strategic Plan A. Vision and Mission B. Objectives C. Evaluation of Present Corporate Strategies D. Proposed Corporate Strategies E. Corporate Social Responsibility

ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS We would like to express our deepest appreciation to the following:

To SM Development Corporation;

To Google for aiding us in our search for specific articles and other related literature;

To our family and friends for their encouragement and support;

To our professor, Professor Real So, who shared his knowledge with us, enabling us to complete our research and provide a recommendation;

To the Lord Almighty for His blessing of wisdom and guidance;

And lastly, to each other because without one another, this research may be more difficult than it should be

INTRODUCTION This paper is a strategic management plan for the company, SM Development Corporation (SMDC), whose major line of business is property development particularly residential and commercial condominium projects. Some of its projects include Blue Residences, Grass Residences, Sea Residences and Green Residences. SM Development Corporation is a well-known company, mostly because it has earned the trust and confidence of the Filipinos even before the creation of SMDC as a separate entity from its parent companies. In line with

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