Smartphones Are Like People 's New Best Friends Essay

757 Words Jul 26th, 2015 4 Pages
In today’s world smart phone has become popular around the world. Smartphones are like people 's ' new best friends. Using smart phone, we can talk to our friends and family member whenever we want, we can play games to entertain ourselves, and we can also use smartphones to watching videos, getting a direction, and surfing the web. Ever though smartphones seem overwhelming, however, there are various disadvantages of using a smart phone such as conversation killer. Therefore, my responses to the article “Flick, Flick” are about how smartphones kills conversation, how smartphone distracts people and how smartphone are useful. In the beginning, I believed Smartphones are a great tool to communicate with our friends and family member when we feel lonely, however, after reading this article I have realized, what smartphones have done to humans. I agree with Rand, Richard Copper when he wrote cell phones are “ conversation killer.” Meaning that when we are using the smart phone we don’t want someone to disturb us and we don’t want to talk to anyone. I agree with copper’s statement because people use their phones to communicate with others instead of talking to them in person. For example, Couple of months ago I went to my cousin’s house for a family reunion, at one point during the reunion my uncle noticed that everybody is using their cell phone instead of talking to people who we meet once in a while. When my uncle noticed that everyone is using his or her phone…

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