Essay on Smartphones And Its Effects On The Internet

1447 Words Apr 29th, 2016 null Page
Smartphones are handheld devices that feature both a telephone and a small computer. Smartphones today have evolved tremendously from just being able to make a phone call. Smartphones are used in many ways such as talking, texting, internet browsing, check your email, taking photos and even making purchases. These small handheld devices are starting to do more and every year. Smartphones are carried around many of users, but most smartphone users aren 't really aware of the privacy issues that comes with being a smartphone owner.
Smartphone users sometimes worry about who is exactly invading their smartphones, but little do some smartphone users know is that the their own government is secretly trying to spy them. The government is trying to convince companies such as Google and Apple to help stop criminals. Some “federal agencies and the executive branch have launched a cacophony of critique of Apple and Google for bolstering the encryption on their users ' smartphones”(Whittaker). Which is why the government is receiving criticism from some companies and its own citizens. The government is also trying to convince smartphone companies to create less attractive smartphones to deter thieves from stealing them, but smartphone companies such as Apple aren 't interested in helping the government spy on smartphone users. “Apple has taken itself out of the middle ... where it can be used” in a way that would “compromise the security and privacy of consumer devices,” Marc…

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