Smartphones And Its Effects On Teens Essay

1914 Words Jun 10th, 2015 8 Pages
Why do we find it so necessary to get involved with smartphones when it causes us to drift away from reality and what is truly important to us? Times have changed since smartphones have become such a popular device to use. No matter the age, smartphones have become a part of or have affected the lives of numerous amounts of individuals. Throughout the years technology has began to take over more and more people’s lives targeting teens especially. Today you see more teens are attached to their phones than ever: When kids are in a group you more than likely don’t see them interacting with their friends, they seem to be on their phones talking to other friends. It is almost as if smartphone users are blocking out society and the people around them in order to be a part of the outside world and social media. There are multiple reasons teens are so attached to their smart phones and these actions have been proven to have a negative impact on the teen through research. According to Rachel Ehmke, “Peer acceptance is a big thing for adolescents, and many of them care about their image as much as a politician running for office…” (Ehmke). It has been proven that the existence of smart phones has caused a divide between teens since they are an expensive device to purchase and demand an additional monthly payment to be done. When technology is taken away grades are more than likely going to rise, relationships are repaired and distractions from their phones are no longer a problem in…

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