Smartphones And Its Effect On People Essay

831 Words Mar 16th, 2016 4 Pages
Smartphone: To Be, Or Not To Be? Is now year 2016, almost all people have a smartphones. Now we use them not only for calling, but as a calculator, a calendar, a clock, a camera, a play console, for internet access etc. Phone manufacturers from month to month invent perfect telephone equipment. Smartphones have more and more functions. Will there still be smartphones in 2050? How will they look like? How will people use them? Can be smartphones be replaced? Are cellphones changing us? I remember the production of the first smartphone; I remember the development and its effect on people. I noticed that we don’t talk with each other, we only write text messages, writing them we don’t pay attention to errors, and we spent a lot of time with our smartphones. How will it be in the future? But let’s start from the beginning. “The first smartphone was developed by IBM and BellSouth, which came out to the public in 1993. Although basic compared to today’s standards “Simon” had a touch screen that was capable of accessing email and sending faxes” (LaRoussa, 2014). Years passed and engineers have competed in modernization of mobile phones“. ( (Martin, 2014). A cellular phone have evolved in different shapes and sizes; the software became slightly more user-friendly, third-party applications, and games slowly began to circle internet forums (without centralized catalogs), and wireless providers began offering the more capable smartphones along with data plans and the size of…

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