Smartphones And Its Effect On Our Lives Essay example

1123 Words Feb 27th, 2016 null Page
There are no reasons to doubt the concern about the ways that today’s young people use technology, especially smartphone. Most of the users of smartphone have the same characteristic, their use of it seems “out-of-control”, and this feature begin to strongly distract their daily life. This distraction always makes them lose their focus on their work problem, because smartphone provide the information can entertain them. Therefore, people begins to blame smartphone and starts to ban it in school. Although the smartphone seems to be a big problem which distract teenager students, the real distraction is caused by students themselves.
As the typical technology users, the students of today are the people who always get distracted by overuse his/her technology devices. Their behavior decreases their efficiency of learning, and waste their time. It seems that smartphones become the most indispensable things to kill the time, especially the tedious time during class, and they do not aware that overuse smartphone decreases the efficiency and wastes the time. In the research about the time arrange in class, students even “spend nearly 21% of class time using a digital device for an unrelated activity like email or social media” (Joselow 1). This distraction by the smartphone not only causes students waste their time in class, but also the time while they are doing homework, reading, or programing. Every beep of the smartphone will definitely interrupt what they are doing, and…

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