Smartphone Pestle Analysis

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Environmental Analysis of Gionee Smartphones
Kashyap Pd. Marahatta
BUS 510 Marketing Management
Professor: Dr. Geraldine Goodstone
Westcliff University

This paper will be discussing about smartphones, manufactured by Gionee Communication Equipment Co. Ltd., a company trying to capture the Nepali smartphone market in its full fledge. Furthermore, this paper also will try to discuss how Gionee should consider the concept of PESTEL analysis to monitor the macro environment of Nepali smartphone market and also how the company should tackle the factors that might create complications in doing so.

Environmental Analysis of Gionee Smartphones
The history of smartphone dates back to the early 1970ā€™s when Motorola
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Despite the ability or even the willingness to purchase, it has rapidly become a trend to own a smartphone so as to be accepted in the society or the social group. This very trend has very much driven the people to purchase smartphones, and the marketer of Gionee needs to cash this opportunity.

Conclusion The macro-environment is studied by using the PESTEL analysis tool for Gionee Smartphones. This paper tried to discuss how the demography, environment, social, technology, economy and legal factors affects the business of Gionee and how its marketer can use them for the better performance in the market.. This paper is just an example to clarify that being a big brand name would not necessarily help in each and every scenario. For the success of any brand, it is mandatory to study all the associated aspects of the market in terms of its demands.

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