Essay on Smartphone Applications And Childhood Obesity

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The smartphone has taken the world by storm. It allows users to communicate with friends, take pictures on demand, and gives them the ability to access a vast amount of information via the internet. This technology has become essential to our identity. As a consequence, this all-in-one device is causing users to become increasingly sedentary. Some believe that weight gain has become inevitable in our technology-dependent world, but many believe it will also provide a solution. Promising studies have shown that the smartphone is among the most valuable weapons in our fight against obesity.

Smartphone Applications and Childhood Obesity

According to Altamimi, Skinner and Nesbitt (2015), childhood obesity is on the rise. In fact, it had risen by a startling 11% between 1980 and 2012. (Introduction, para. 1) The suggested correlation between weight gain and increased use of technology is difficult to ignore. Kids spend hours a day browsing websites, scrolling through social and news feeds, or playing video games. A study performed by Dietz and Gortmaker suggests that with each hour in front of a television or smartphone the chance of obesity in a child increases by 2% (as cited in Altamimi et al, 2015, Introduction para. 3). Fortunately, it is possible to use this “screen-time” to encourage the use of health applications. Children and teens are more eager to use their smartphone to track their activity levels and calorie consumption versus using traditional…

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