Smart Phones And Smart Phone Addiction Essays

779 Words Nov 3rd, 2016 4 Pages
In modern societies, since the smartphone popularization, we can see a group of members from street, metro, bus station and etc. They were holding their mobile phones, they look down at screen attentively. Some people were playing Facebook, some brushing in Instagram, and someone were reading novels online. Nowadays, people have a more professional definition of this group, the smart phone addiction patients. Smart phone addiction patients on the surface there is not all bad effects in their life, but it also brought some hidden damage.
Smart phone has both advantages and disadvantages in our life. It’s convenient to contact, to using software anywhere solve the problem, to pay entertainment fees and etc. If you pay treasure to bind the mobile phone number on your smart phones, it should be careful because the virus software is likely to cause your money loss,. Recently, in Shanghai, the citizens of a mobile phone software "hijacked" by the virus, continuous automatic lead to cell phone to send hundreds more text messages to pay treasure, intention to hijack paypal normal issued by SMS, so as to control the citizens pay treasure account, stealing money.
Smart phone almost changed our lives, the progress of science and technology brings us a lot of convenient, but at the same time science and technology is a double-edged sword. The key is how to make use of science and technology, human rely on too much on smart phones, it would finally appear a lot of social problems. Few…

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