Smart Phone Is A Double Edged Sword Essay

794 Words Jan 19th, 2016 4 Pages
The smart phone is a double-edged sword. Even though, with the drawbacks and annoyances that it brings, it is one of the greatest inventions human created. Smart phones’ helpful features make people’s lives more convenient and comfortable. It affects the way people communicate and receive information. With people who live in the country which is far from their native land, smart phone connected to the Internet is the way they keep in touch with their family and best friends. Perhaps people cannot imagine that what will happen if there is not cell phone anymore. However, it is important to use the smart phone wisely and not let it control the life.
Secondly, the modern technology has evolved human’s life by introducing some advance things which they were not being exposed to. The most ideal inventions for the world that can be mentioned here is the Internet. This invention has enabled people to get exposed to a vast information or database by just typing one key word on Google rather than visiting places like libraries or bookstore to get appropriate information. The Internet now is becoming an integral part in people’s life. Nevertheless, some people are afraid that it is affected to people’s brain and reading habits in some negative way. People is becoming lazier than before; they just want to skim some pages of information, then give up and start another thing, despite of putting their effort in reading more to enhance deep understanding of their allocated topic (Carr 2) .…

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