Smart People, By The Color Of People 's Skin Essay

1064 Words Mar 30th, 2016 5 Pages
In a time where diversity is steadily increasing, it would be rational to think that an increase in diversity would prompt a breakdown of racial stereotypes and an increase in communications between people of different ethnicities. But, through our observation of contemporary American culture, what we have learned is a stark contrast: racial stereotypes are increasing, tensions between persons of different ethnicities are leading to violence, and neighborhoods are being separated by the color of people’s skin. Along with the recent increase of racial tensions, an increase in gender discrimination against women has arisen - perhaps best exemplified by people like Donald Trump and his disparaging comments against women. With all these current changes playwright Lydia Diamond, in her play Smart People, attempted to give us an insight into the lives of a group of people battling against institutional discrimination while not falling into “stereotypical” cultural or ethnic groups. Although Diamond wrote an immersive play that gave us a strong comparison to current American culture, I was troubled by its forced interaction between characters and the lack of any powerful resolution tied in with the inauguration of Barack Obama. This led to a strong play that accurately described the struggles of racism to this day, but seemed awkward at times and failed to live up to its own potential.
Smart People gives us snapshots of the lives of everyday people and their daily struggles of…

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