Why Is It Important To Achieve Smart Goals

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For the organisation to succeed, they would need to set up goals. Without goals the organisation would lack focus and direction. Setting up the goals would allow the management to take control of the direction that the organisation would be taken and put up a benchmark against which the actual performance would be measured. This is why it would be so important to develop SMART goals.
SMART is an acronym that is representative of Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-bound. This framework will then be a representation for creating effective goals.

SMART is an acronym that represent the framework for representing the creation of effective goals.

The SMART goals will bring structure and traceability into the goals and objectives.
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This would help the organisation to assess the level of commitment to the goal. Even goals that is theoretically achievable, the organisation would be committed to making the effort that would be necessary to reach it.
2.2.4. Set Relevant Goals
The organisation needs to determine if reaching the goal would be relevant to them. This will be done by understanding the main reason behind why this goal needs to be achieved. The goals should be relevant to the direction that the organisation is taking. By ensuring that the goals are aligned with the mission and vision of the organisation, it becomes easier for the organisation to focus on what needs to be accomplished in order to achieve the goals. When the goals are scattered and inconsistent, the development will squander time away.
In order to do this the organisation would need to reflect on the goals. They would need to revisit the Why question. Other goals and circumstances would need to be considered as how they will fit in with the other plans.
The organisation would then need to adjust their goals for relevance. When a decision is made that the goal is relevant, the organisation would need to work well with the other

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