Smart Card, Llc Case Study Essay

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Smart Card LLC – Case Study

Overview of the SmartCard LLC Case
SmartCard LLC is a company that possesses expertise smart cards as well as magnetic strip technology. SmartCard LLC intends to develop applications and solutions to address the rapidly growing demand for marketing frequency or loyalty programs. SmartCard LLC asserts that as competition increases in the retail sector and other industries that companies will be searching for new ways to understand their customers and techniques to retain their customers. SmartCard LLC’s smart card solutions are a proposed solution to this market problem. The SmartCard LLC strategy is focused on using smart cards for their clients’ frequency or customer loyalty programs and bringing end
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a) Customer interviews – This would have given the management team a sense of what customers might be interested in and to what level. This could also provide some level of demographic information for those customers who might be generally interested or for those who are not interested at all. In customer interviews, the management team could try to determine what the customer would see as compelling. Without, this information there is an assumption that all customers will just adopt this solution. While that could potentially be the case there is no data to support the assumption. b) Client interviews – The management team should have conducted client interviews in an effort to determine if clients really thought they needed to upgrade to the Smart Cards and if they felt like they needed to upgrade what the real issues were that they were having and what information they were lacking. The management team is making an assumption as to what demographic information is important to their clients and without validating that assumption they are merely guessing at a solution and hoping that it will go somewhere. It almost seems that the management team has a nice solution and that they are trying to create a home for that solution. c) Market surveys – Market surveys would be very useful and important for the management team. These surveys could give them real demand information in regards to both clients and customers. Without

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