Small Town Mentality Contributes to Racism Essay examples

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Small Town Mentality Contributes to Racism

In the 21st century, the small town of Jena, segregated in rural Louisiana still demonstrates the same values of racism that were shown in To Kill a Mockingbird and Mississippi Burning. At Jena High School, white students sit under the shaded white tree, while black students sit at the worn out benches. One day in September 2006, an African American freshman sat under the “white tree”. The following day, a few white kids expressed their disapproval by hanging three nooses from the tree, a forceful reminder of lynching’s in the South. This leaves us thinking, is the small town mentality a major contribution to racism?

Mississippi Burning is a movie based on real life events. Two FBI
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Just like what happened during the film, there is a scene in which the black community are minding their own business. Only to leave and be violently attacked by Ku Klux Klan members, they were left for dead. Where is the justice in that? This proves that there was no equality, and no justice. It’s not fair that the KKK can commit such a crime and walk free and get away with it.

Tom Robinson suffers the same unfairness and injustice at his trial, being accused of rape. During the court hearing, Atticus proved Tom’s innocence. Despite evidence the judge and jury still confirm him as being guilty. This wouldn’t have been the case if Tom was a white man, all because the court of law wouldnt have allowed a black man to win a case against a white person.

Have you ever wondered where the white superiority comes from? How is it fair that in Mississippi Burning, the two detectives walk into a restaurant where black and white people are separated? The black community even have a different entrance to the white people.

When Mr Anderson takes an open seat on the black half of the restaurant, the whole atmosphere changes. Everyone was speechless of the act Mr Anderson performed; sitting with a black man. What happened later on in the day was not at all this black man’s fault, but still, he was beaten up for something he had no control over.

The scene is just like the one from

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